TIRAMISU mascarpone cheese, ladyfinger parfait : 10

GELATO GALLEGGIANTE crispy gelato, mascarpone cream, almond cookie crumble, cocoa :11

TRIS CANNOLI three small cannoli (chocolate chips, pistachio, espresso) : 10

PANNACOTTA vanilla and cream custard, blackberry puree : 10

SEMIFREDDO AL PISTACCHIO pistachios half-frozen mousse, hazelnuts, sour black cherry sauce : 11

TORTA CAPRESE italian soft flourless chocolate almond cake, whipped cream : 10

MOUSSE DI CIOCCOLATO chocolate mousse, almond cookies : 9

special occasion dessert fee : $ 25


A TASTE OF AGED PARMIGIANO REGGIANO 24 months and 36 months with balsamic vinegar crème : 10

PECORINO DI FOSSA semi-hard sheep’s milk aged in caves, honey & dried figs : 10

REGIONAL CHEESE PLATTER served with onion & balsamic vinegar preserve, candied fruit : 25

LAGREIN   cow’s milk, semi-firm. Alto Adige, Italy

GORGONZOLA DOLCE   cow’s milk, soft blue vein. Piemonte, Italy

PECORINO CROTONESE   sheep’s milk, hard. Calabria, Italy

Vino Da Dolce Dessert WINES

VIN SANTO 2003 375 ML 
San Felice : Tuscany, Italy : 12 | 44

Michele Chiarlo : Piedmonte, Italy : 8 | 30

PORT 10 YEAR OLD 2005 LBV 750 ML 
Graham’s : Portugal : 9 | 47

Dopocena after dinner drinks


AMARO MONTENEGRO, BOLOGNA, ITALY Blend of over 40 different herbs, sweet with bitter end : 10

CYNAR, LOMBARDIA, ITALY Bitter artichoke liqueur; Italian favorite : 10

FERNET BRANCA, MILANO, ITALY Very fresh, minty and clean with a powerful infusion of spice : 10

AMARO AVERNA, SICILY, ITALY Sweet digestive with citrus notes and herbal bitterness : 10

SAMBUCA, LAZIO, ITALY Anise-flavored liqueur, with notes of licorice and elderflower : 10

BRANCA MENTA, MILANO, ITALY Infusion of herbs with an intense mint flavor : 10


ESPRESSO MARTINI Absolut Vanilla, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, Espresso : 12

POMPELMO SPRITZ Homemade Grapefruit Liqueur, Prosecco, Soda Water : 12


Grappe e Distillati Distilled

BRANDY VECCHIA ROMAGNA, ITALY Harmonious, fragrant, smooth, with hints of aromatic spice : 9

GRAPPA MIRTILLO DI POLI, ITALY Well rounded, balanced and flavored with blueberries : 9

GRAPPA SIBONA, ITALY Clear multi-grape grappa aged in stainless steel, very smooth and balanced : 10

GRAPPA POLI SARPA BARRIQUE, ITALY Exotic fruit, citron, liquorice, and vanilla with a full and rich flavor : 12

Seasonal 'Cello

LIMONE Lemon : 6
MANGO Mango : 6

Made in house